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The Ride

The story starts at least in parts
On a hot Fourth of July
It was rodeo time, when beer was prime
And peanuts cost a dime
A strawberry roan had set the tone
For the buckingest bronc in line
Lonesome Ed and his brother Fred
Had entered for the longest ride
The strawberry horse had set the course
And threw Ed before he tried
The cowboy next was also vexed
And fell ass over the horses behind
Two more got kicked through the door
And swore they’d tan his hide
But now it was Fred came out of the shed
And climbed on the roan this time
He set his spurs deep in the fur
Of the side winding fish belly horse
The roan took the first dare
And with four feet in the air
Twisted full circle and landed in dirt
Fred grabbed his hat gave the horse a pat
And spurred him deep to the muscle core
The horse was now sore and headed for the door
Of the arena on the rodeo grounds
The ride was done and Fred had won
But now he couldn’t dismount
They went through the door
Fred’s head on the floor and his feet high in the air
The roan didn’t even stop for a mare
They headed across the prairie at a slow canter and lope
Fred learned to ride from the belly side
And became the brunt of rodeo jokes
The horse was sold for a pot of gold
As rodeo stock he fit the mould
Ed left the game someone else could tame
The sunfishing white bellied roan
Fred tired again weeks later it’s said
But his ride was so slow he was dead
Ed and Fred it’s said left the circuit and wed
Twin strawberry blonds instead